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    Spray Pen 3 In 1

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    • Ink color: Black
    • Usage: Can refill Alcohol, Disinfecting liquid, Screen cleaner, Perfumes,essence and various water-based liquids.
    • Weight: 14g
    • each Color: Green, Blue, and Orange

    Because of the design of the hand sanitizer pen it can be easily attached to any pockets, handbags or briefcase. It will no longer be a problem where one forgets to pop a hand sanitizer into their bag. The sleek and slim design allows you to carry a small volume of it with a spray that deposits exactly what you need to be germ free! The pen serves a 2-in-1 purpose. It provides customers with a means of cleaning their hands and a writing utensil at the same time. It is extremely handy at functions like schools, universities, at events, as you inevitably meet and interact with the thousands of people. Or simply heading out of the house, pressing lift buttons and coming in contact with public surfaces. A hand sanitizer and a pen are two things you can find in almost anyone’s bags, combine these 2 into one!