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    Mustela Dry Skin - Lait Cold Cream 200Ml

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    Best known for their natural skincare products suitable for all skin types, Mustela is a French brand that stands by parents and aims to make their lives easier.

    Thanks to their unique knowledge in babies' skin and their plant-based active ingredients, they improve the quality of life of children and families from all around the world.


    The Mustela Lait Cold Cream is a nourishing baby lotion formulated with beeswax and cold cream. It is used daily to instantly hydrate and nourish your baby's skin, with a long-lasting effect. 

    How to use :

    Apply a small amount of lotion onto your hands. Gently massage it on your baby's body.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    The Mustela Lait Cold Cream is a must-have for dry or very dry skin. Hydrating and nourishing, this lotion also restores the skin barrier and protects it from environmental factors. We highly recommend it!