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Hollywood Smile Pearl Drops Whitening Toothpolish
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    Hollywood Smile Pearl Drops Whitening Toothpolish

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    Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth polish 50 Ml Toothpaste NEW LOOK! Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile whitening tooth polish with advanced micro-polishing system and Peroxi-white Active Oxygen. This latest whitening toothpolish from Pearl Drops is the ultimate 3 week whitening treatment guaranteed to whiten your teeth. This specialist whitening toothpolish has a unique advanced micro-polishing system combined with Peroxi-white particles which release active oxygen onto enamel. The micro-fine particles help lift stain and plaque from the enamel surface to reveal your teeth s natural whiteness and shine. Pearl Drops Hollywood Whitening is a breakthrough in whitening technology to give you whiter teeth by up to 6 shades in just 7 days! Hollywood Smile also comes with a shade card so you can measure your incredible new whiteness. It contains no harsh abrasives or acidic pH.